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estledaire in Germany

"...ein verträumter, rundum gelungener Abend."

- Ansgar König - Schwäbische

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estledaire ist eine südafrikanische Singer-Songwriterin, Dichterin, Grafikdesignerin und Band mit Sitz in Deutschland.

Vielleicht sind es die schottischen Wurzeln von estledaire, die den vielen Einflüssen ihrer Songs, einen keltischen Touch verleihen.

Songs, den sie singt und auf akustischer und klassischer Gitarre begleitet, im Spannungsfeld von Folk bis Pop in up-tempo Groove.

Die Songs spiegeln ihre Eindrücke, den Einfluss Afrikas und ihres Erbes, die Sehnsucht nach Heimat und das Finden ihres Platzes in der Welt wider.

Lieder, die auch in herausfordernden Zeiten immer Dankbarkeit und Hoffnung ausdrücken.

Beziehungen, Abschied, Wachsen, Annehmen sind Themen, die sich durch diese in Klang eingefangenen Geschichten ziehen.

Das Debütalbum von estledaire,
under my hat, zeigt Armin Otto an der Gitarre und Mentor-Produzent
Axel Nagel (Gewinner des Deutschen Pop- und Rockpreises 2019) an Gitarren, Gesang und verschiedenen Instrumenten.

what does estledaire mean?

Picture the scene:

19 Logan Avenue
We have 7/8ths of an acre of ground.

That house behind the hedge sits at the bottom of a gentle slope with two stages to it.
If one stands at the top of the slope, before the first stage of the descent, in front of the mulberry tree, as we are doing,  one can survey one's kingdom.

We are Debbie (9, my bestfriend and in a blue swimming costume) me (10 and in a pink swimming costume) and the world (at our feet).

Kids Jumping into the Lake

Below is the house.

Ross (7, my brother and in a swimming costume that later got electrocuted) and
Mark (7,  Debbie's brother, Ross' best friend and in a swimming costume of some description)
are sitting on the roof, kicking the tiles and throwing berries and twigs at nothing in particular.


From where we stand, there is almost a clear sweep of slope to the pool,
clear but not straight.
To run to the pool
(nobody had said we are going to do this, but instinctively we know we are)
one must needs respect the flower bed between us and it,
and we do so willingly.


The flower bed is the shape of a sickle-moon and to respect it,
one has to run a sickle-moon's form,
which is far more satisfying than running a straight line.


But I have decieved you,
for no, we are not Debbie and Tanya,
we are....

da, da, da da
(fireworks and all manner of pyrotechnics)


well to be more accurate

da, da, da da
(fireworks and all manner of pyrotechnics)

ESTLEDAIRE and BLOOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(producers note:
we did not budget for the amount of exclamation marks needed here,
so please could you imagine a lot more.)


Nobody said we were going to do this, but instinctively estledaire
(never before suspected, born at this precise moment)
declares (in a phony frrrrench accent)

"ma nam ees estledairrrrrre!!!!"

"and maaan ees bloomerrr!!!"
shouts bloomer triumphantly (in an even phoni-er frrrench ac-cent)


With that we take off, first me, um estledaire,
then bloomer.

We are screaming (with french accents mais naturelement.)


This is not a terrified scream, it is a terrifying scream.

It is a terrible sound to behold, be-um, be-heared
and it would make the hair straighten on anyone foolish enough to stand on that invisible sickle-shaped course we have instinctively set,
to the pool.


Our voices are horsening, erm, hoarsening as I, the leader, increase the pace of our gallop, the volume of our terrible, savage cry.


I reach the pool's edge, I stop.

bloomer, as always only one pace behind me, my faithful osmosis-like follower into whatever madness I never have to tell her,

does not.


we are arms-and-legs,

we are pink-costume-and-blue-costume,

we are splash-bubbles,

we are noses-full-of-chlorine-and-water-blinded-eyes,

we are

oooooooooooooooooooooo oe b loom h stle 2 da er Oireooooooooooooooooooooooo


Such is the origin of the word, “estledaire”, pronounced "Est La Dare" (a phony french accent helps),
which has come to represent to me the spontaneity, energy, innocence and passionate absurdity of youth,
which I hope will characterise all my work and art and which I use as my stage name and pseudonym.


what does estledaire mean?
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